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Der Einwanderer vs. Die Einwanderer

My girlfriend and I moved to Schöneberg recently. We’re not settling down to have children; or settling down to get a pre-child (i.e. dog); we’re not gay either; and we don’t really care about David Bowie. Lip-service now paid to Schöneberg stereotypes, I can move on and tell you that we had to move out of our place in Friedrichshain and, not wanting to partake in any WG Gesucht grotesquery, plugged some other channels to find a flat sharpish. One came up
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Be Berlin, Be Natural

As Berlin’s popularity and cool cred have risen, the desire of Bürgermeister and blogger alike, to reduce this city and its complex history into a pithy soundbite has intensified. So, rather than compete for the soapbox in this next post, here’s a selection of extraordinary Berlin stock photos from Getty Images that serve as quite a fine barometer of the various cliches associated with the city. Enjoy the ker-razy Berlin wibes!
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